Sole Solutions Incorporated

How We Work

SSI provides solutions and services focused on solving the critical 20% of customer needs that remain unaddressed by the available broadly focused market offerings. In order to achieve this strategic goal, we maintain a keen focus on the following priorities throughout all client engagements.

While working with clients, we focus on:

  • Rapid Solution Deployment and ROI on Initial Operating Capacity
    SSI has a high level of expertise and a responsive engagement model. We implement proven solutions to meet customer needs as no other competitor can. For these reasons, SSI provides better ROI on initial operating capability.
  • Bringing Order from Apparent Chaos
    SSI’s expertise permits numerous ad hoc customer processes to be wrapped within a small amount of structure, facilitating consistent and cost-effective reporting on performance and compliance. This empowers managers to make well-informed business decisions.
  • Seeing Through the Eyes of the Client
    SSI emphasizes “seeing through the eyes of the end-user,” and demonstrates openness, flexibility, and visibility to the client. This focus results in both excellent knowledge of our clients and strong, multi-year relationships. It also ensures comprehensive solutions that fully address client needs.
  • Future-Thinking
    SSI anticipates future requirements. Accordingly, we craft solutions to be flexible and extensible to emerging needs. This means that our customer solutions can “keep up” with changing mandates, policies, and politics.
  • Providing a Durable Solution with Long-Term ROI
    SSI’s client solutions stay in place and realize considerable long-term ROI. Two ways we make sure this happens is by delivering excellent support and dedicating ourselves to long-term relationships. Perhaps this is why SSI has a 100% project completion record and a 100% solution adoption record.
  • Training for Success
    SSI believes that providing end-user training is essential to successful solution adoption. We stay with the client to provide training both immediately after initial solution deployment and throughout the course of the relationship.