Sole Solutions Incorporated

What We Do

SSI focuses on enterprise communications and workflow management, with expertise in serving the needs of government—including executive correspondence, FOIA compliance, meeting management, and governance.

SSI provides a strategic approach that leads to durable solutions and long-term ROI, as well as a ready response to user needs through rapid solution deployment.

What makes our services and solutions worth your consideration?

SSI has built its business through a keen focus on the approximately 20% of customer needs that are unique. While other service/solution providers focus on broad commercial application and appeal, SSI hones in on what our customers cannot do without — i.e., those elements without which purchased solutions will never achieve the intended level of integration, adoption, and effectiveness. SSI’s approach dramatically reduces failure rates and vendor turnover.

For this reason, and because of our proven ability to build and sustain excellent customer relationships, SSI is poised to lead and guide team efforts to master the solution of enterprise communications and workflow challenges.