Sole Solutions Incorporated

Who We Are

Sole Solutions Inc. (SSI) is an enterprise-wide workflow and communications solutions firm. Our industry expertise, group intelligence, and relationship skills are used to address critical challenges faced by our customers. SSI has particular expertise in serving the needs of government, including executive correspondence, FOIA compliance, meeting management, and governance. Thirteen years of experience in this highly complex niche has created deep knowledge that is incorporated into mature solution offerings.

What makes us unique? Solving the Unsolved 20%

SSI’s passion is addressing the approximately 20% of customer-specific needs that are never properly addressed by broadly focused solution offerings.

Both government and commercial entities expect industry-standard, cost-effective workflow and communications management solutions that are implemented to perform like custom solutions. These solutions should reflect both industry best practices and the client’s internal best practices.

In order to deliver on those expectations, the solution provider must understand and strategically respond to client needs. However, a general failure in that area results in lengthy, over-budget projects and high failure rates. Why? Because of the approximately 20% of customer needs that, at the end of the day, were not properly assessed and addressed. Through excellent customer relationships and a focus on that vital 20%, SSI thrives where others fail.