Sole Solutions Incorporated

Who We Work With

SSI serves both government and commercial clients, with a particular focus on solving mission-critical, enterprise-wide workflow and communications challenges. Please view our case stories to understand the impact SSI can deliver to the clients it serves.

Case Stories:

Bringing New Efficiencies to Processing Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • When the client needed an effective means of managing FOIA requests it turned to SSI, who provided a solution that reduced the time to “close a case” by 75% and reduced the FOIA request backlog by 66%. Read More
A Low-Cost, High-Performance Correspondence Management Solution
  • SSI put a low-cost, high-performance correspondence management solution in place on a short deadline. The result? Efficient and scalable processes that exceeded requirements and reduced the open caseload by 90%. Read More
Fast-Track Work Management Implementation
  • When a client with more than 100,000 pieces of correspondence to manage each year needed to replace its work management system, it turned to SSI for expert guidance in selecting and implementing a solution. Read More
A Work Management Solution for Managing Complex Scheduling Tasks
  • SSI transformed the management of invitations and scheduling tasks for a cabinet secretary’s office, providing new capabilities and efficiencies that are now being used in additional agencies. Read More
Improved Agreement Processing with SSI Workflow Solution
  • A new solution for managing the interdepartmental agreement process turned “slow, manual, and problematic” to “fast, digital, and worry-free.” Now, more than 90% of such agreements are signed prior to their project periods—a statistic that would have been inconceivable before SSI’s solution. Read More